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What's a dogbyte? (Humor)

There's kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, etc. Theoretically speaking you could say that workbytes, taxesbyte, warmbeerbytes, and dogsbyte. It's all a matter of perspective.

Wikipedia defines a byte as 'a basic unit of measurement of information storage in computer science. In many computer architectures it is a unit of memory addressing. There is no standard but a byte most often consists of eight bits.'

3dogsA bit is a binary digit, taking a value of either 0 or 1. 8 bits is a byte. Each dog on this page has a byte (8 bits - 1's and 0's) in their mouth that they are biting. They've bit on their bytes and they are not planning on giving them up. Red dog has bit a bit off his byte, at least we can't see the bit. He's also about to lose two bits from the bottom of his byte. Green dog is crunching his byte and his third bit is shortly going to be too corrupted to hold any data. Yellow dog bit his byte and broke it, and now I don't even know if running scandisk would repair that bit of data.

While this may seem silly, consider how bytes came to be. The time is 1956 and computer science professionals wearing plastic pocket protectors are involved in scientific research having to do with computers. For whatever reason, they decide that 8 bits (remember: 1's and 0's) are the smallest amount of data that the particular computer they were working on should take on (attempt to process) at one time. 'One time' being a measurable part of a fraction of a second. I suspect these pocket protected computer science researchers were working late and had missed dinner, because the ensuing definitions for 'amounts of data' all have to do with eating. I am pretty sure their conversation went something like this:

'Well, the way I see it, 8 bits is the best size for this computer to bite at one time. Speaking of bite, when are we going to end tonight? I'm starving.

Hey, we could call it a bite. 8 bits is a bite. So we don't have to say "8 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits, we could just say 4 bites, and that would mean 32 bits.

Yeah, but what about all the formula's that get written? I can't read half of what you guys write anyway, Joe never bothers to write 'e', he just leaves a squiggle, and there's a big difference between 8 bits and 8 bites. Ones a mouthful and ones Thanksgiving dinner. Man, I'm really hungry too, let's go see if there's anything left in the cafeteria.

Hey, why don't we just spell it b-y-t-e? What other word could it be then, no matter how bad Joe's handwriting is?"

And thus history was made. Later than evening, in the large computer science research facility cafeteria while they ate stale white bread sandwiches (remember it is 1956) from a vending machine, they sat around eating and compiling a lexicon list for data storage terms, and now you will see why I know they had missed dinner and were hungry when they came up with byte:

  • 2 bits: crumb, tayste, tydbit
  • 4 bits: nibble, nybble
  • 5 bits: nickel, nyckle
  • 10 bits: deckle, dyme bag
  • 13 bits: baker's byte
  • 16 bits: plate, playte, chomp, chawmp
  • 32 bits: dinner, dynner, gawble
  • 48 bits: gobble, gawble

I am not making this up. You can read all about it here on Wikipedia. Who would have thought pocket protector wearing computer science researchers could engage in such frivolity?

Okay, you've convinced me. But why 3 dogbytes?

Well, what's in a name?

For example, did you know the search engine Google comes from a made up word 'googol', popularized by a mathematician (another scientist) in 1940? We all know Google began as a research project by Larry Page, (another computer scientist) who basically went to school for a really really long time, so he must have liked it, and when he started his research project that he did not need a pocket protector to tell him would eventually make him a gazillionaire, he took a word from the things surrounding him in life (science, math, math science, stuff like that) and he made up a word from a made up word and he named his research project company 'Google'. I mean, he didn't tell me this personally, but it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes, or a rocket scientist for that matter, to figure it out. My point being, that what's in the name 'Google' is that Larry Page is a computer scientist who had to study a lot of math during the time that he was in school for so long studying computer science which is all based on mathematics anyway, and I mean, like, what else was he going to call it? Surfsup? Come on. Googol. Nah, looks too Cyrillic. Let's make it look like English. Google. See? Perfect. Nothing else makes sense.

Well, just like Larry's daily life was surrounded by math terms and equations when he came up with 'Google Inc.' which paved the way to becoming the worlds first googolillionaire, here at 3db Web Design & Hosting, our daily life is surrounded by 3 dogs, and doing web development and design in a home-based business, that is accomplished in it's most elementary form by giving our computers a whole lot of 1's and 0's, which if you remember from the above, means a lot of bytes.

So, it's simple, really: 3 dogs. Bytes. 3 dogbytes. 3db Web Design & Hosting.


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